Spetses teaser video

Spetses teaser 2

Wedding video Nauplio – Maria a...

Wedding video Nauplio

Wedding video on Nauplio .Dimitris and Maria.Fotography by Yiannis Sotiropoulos.

Wedding video Sifnos island Stathis G...

Sifnos Gabi Stathis

Two lovely guys Stathis and Gabi had their wedding on Sifnos island.Much fellings ,much love ,much fun ,much dance.We wish all the best for yours new life with much love manos mandilaras cinematics.

Wedding video Syros island

fotos syros

This video is about Gamos Kasandra James.An amazing wedding on Syros island.”Your wedding day will come and go, but may your love forever grow.” manos mandilaras cinematics.

Sifnos wedding video Gabriela Stathis

Sifnos Gabi Stathis

   This video is about Gabi Stathis wedding video Best wishes to both of you! May you both realize the gift you have in each other, and always treasure your great love photography by Yiannis Sotiropoulos manos mandilaras cinematics

Nammos Mykonos – Remos Brillant

Nammos - Remos 1

This video about Nammos on Mykonos island with Remos and Brillant under the full moon.

Hakkasan restaurant Mykonos

Fotos Hakkasan

Hakkasan restaurant Mykonos

Wedding video Athina – Glenn



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